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What is happening in Palestine is not a war. There are not two sides in equal defense of each other. It is a merciless genocide on the fish bowl that is gaza. Unable to leave, unable to get shelter, unable to get medical attention the people of Palestine are being slaughtered. This is an ethnic…


Orthodox Jews call for a free Palestine

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Certain sects of Hasidic Jews are against the current state of Israel because they believe only God can create a Jewish state, not an act of law.



Sorry if I will post many pictures/texts about gaza … But this is so important, much more important than the worldcup or nice pictures of beautiful people. This is real life. This is happening. Right now. In our world. And the fact that israel says it’s only defending itself..that really gets me.

This doesn’t affect me or my family. It doesn’t affect my friends or my folks. But it affects my heart.
And this situation concerns everyone.




Such an inhumane act, this is disgusting. Mohammed Abu Khdeir, may your soul rest in peace.

Oh my god

Here’s a source for further info. 

The Jews say they are fighting Hamas and fighting gunmen while all the bodies we have seen on television are those of women and children.